This Is How “EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20” Works: You print out the flyer "EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20" (see below) and complete the form  and return it to Z.A.C. with $20 Cash or Money Order (No Check). Also send a copy of the flyer and $20 Cash or money order (No Check) directly to the person listed in the Referrer Box. Total $40. THIS TWO INITIAL PAYMENT OF $20 PAYS YOUR FIRST MONTHS DUE. We’ll send you monthly payment forms that you will use to send your $20 monthly payment for the member that Referred you, and to send $20 monthly payment to the Monitor Z.A.C. to cover the accounting and maintenance expense of your participation in “EZ RETIRMENT PLAN 20/20”.

Your total cost each month for your participation in “EZ RETIRMENT PLAN 20/20” is $40.00. There are no other charges by monitor Z.A.C. Your total “EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20” earning each month can be in the thousands, however, your “EZ RETIRMENT PLAN 20/20” earning each month depends on your own efforts and is not pre-determined. Every time you get someone to fill out and send in one of these forms that you gave or sent to them they are agreeing to send you $20.00 each and every month. Imagine your own possibilities… 50 people will bring you $1,000 per month… 100 people will bring $2,000 per month, 500 people will bring $10,000 per month… And There Is No Limit! All you do is Make copies of the flyer, or postcards that we will send to you and mail them out or distribute in any way you choose.

IMPORTANT: If one of your members stops paying you monthly, you inherit all their members, and they then pay you monthly. This alone could make you lot of money!


  1. Click Here To Print Out The "EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20" Flyer.  

  2. Fill Out The Form in the flyer.

  3. Send $20 Cash or Money Order Directly To The Monitor Listed In the Flyer.

  4. Send $20 Cash Or Money Order Directly To Your Referrer Listed In The Flyer.

You will receive camera-ready copy of the flyer, & postcard master copy with your name, address & ID# on it. You will also receive monthly payment forms.

P.S. If You Have A PayPal Account, And Would Like To Join By PayPal, In That Way You Can Receive Your Membership Kit By Email Within 24 To 48 Hours. Just Email Us At:  highincomemailorderprogram@moneyindexnet.com For Instructions On How To Join By PayPal.

If You Have Any Questions? Please Feel Free to Email Us At: highincomemailorderprogram@moneyindexnet.com

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