The following clients have been so impressed with our leads and service... helping home business owners build and grow their business... they have volunteered the following testimonials. We hope to add you to this growing list of satisfied leads clients very soon.

"I have just placed my 5th order for your real time leads. You have under promised and over delivered. The leads continue to produce. All I can ask for is to speak with qualified people to give my pitch. I also wanted to express my appreciation for your customer service."

Robert Brogden

"I have now bought from moneyindexnet for the last 6 months and continue to get consistent results. I average 10 new enrollments a month and am beginning to see some nice momentum in the growth of my team and my checks. Thanks again!"

Jan Solomon

"I have tried many other lead companies in the past couple of months, and you have by far provided me with the best ones...The very first lead I had, already paid for the whole lead package...Thank you so much! My business is becoming a real success because of these leads!"

Gary Hutchinson

"Here's what I look for when I buy leads - Is it a real person with a working phone number and are they actually interested in more information about a business opportunity? Anything beyond that is my job, not my lead supplier's job. moneyindexnet consistently gives me legitimate, solid quality leads, every time. Rich is always available if I have any questions, but generally, I just place the order and work the leads. Consistent results, every time."

Jo Williams


"I have been a full time networker and top money earner for over 11 years. moneyindexnet is the place to go if you need fresh, responsive, leads of home based business seekers they have the right leads at the right price! "

Terry Wood


Thank you so much for developing this lead service, no serious network marketer should be without moneyindexnet Leads."

Gene Olsen

"Your real time mlm leads are simply the best of the best. I have signed up 5 people from the first 10 leads I received. Regarding your customer support, again best of the best. I will be getting all my downlines onto it as well."

Bob Carpenter

"I have to say, THANKS... I have used other another service prior to moneyindexnet... You guys are head and shoulder above them. I can now safely and with assurance recommend moneyindexnet to my team. Because most important to me is have GREAT SERVICE."

Fred Sabrino


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